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Great Faith

At the end of this sermon series, members in Every Nation churches would have a greater understanding of the biblical doctrine of faith and know how to apply it to meet

the challenges in their lives

Not Just A Power

To get our people to experience a Spirit-empowered daily life as they fulfill God’s mission for them, by
learning who the Holy Spirit is and what we can do through His help, guidance, and power in and
through us.

Great Exchange

The purpose of this sermon series is to give our people a solid theological understanding of salvation and its practical implications for personal evangelism and discipleship.


At the end of this series, our congregation will grow their faith in God as they continually communicate with Him through prayer.

Romans Road

​Laying strong Biblical foundation to congregation so that they may believe and have better knowledge and understanding  of Salvation, the riches of God’s grace in Christ as they respond in faith to the gospel.

Series Break

Preaching Collection from our series break and guest speakers

The Beat

At the end of the series, our people will be more aware of our progress in missions and be inspired to commit andcontinue to pray, give, and go.


For our people to understand the authority and veracity of the Scriptures so that they will devote themselves to study, obey, and apply God’s word.

God at Work

Preaching Collection from our series break and guest speakers

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